Ordering a 48hr Full Access Pass

**You must read this before ordering a Pass**

A 48hr Pass comes at a cost of £3.00

If you purchase a subscription after ordering a Pass we will deduct the £3.00 from the price of the subscription.

Your Pass will run from the time we issue it, not from the time you log in to the pass. We aim to get these to you as quickly as we can. 

Please understand we cannot guarantee any channel, the service could go down at any moment and  we cannot give refunds.

We do not supply any lines for Smart IPTV and we never provide M3U so please do not ask.

Please fill out the form below  click 'Pay Now' and you will be redirected to a payment gateway for a card payment, please note card payment is only available for 48hr Pass.

If you are in the UK and wish to use this during Premier League times we would advise using a VPN as you will likely need it,

ExpressVPN offer a free 30 day trial.


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SlyStreams is a Superior IPTV Provider with the Highest Quality streams in Premium FHD from around the World.

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