Google Chrome Browser setup

Setup guide for our superior  IPTV subscription service 
using Chrome browser



1. Open Google Chrome on your device and enter the url

Then hit enter


2. A download apk dialog will be open.

Click on “Download” Button

The download will be started in the status bar


3. After downloading successfully, click on the downloaded APK file in the notification bar or go to “File” manager of your mobile and check “Downloads” folder and tap the newly downloaded apk  (slysmart.apk)


4. If you are downloading an apk file for the first time it shows a security warning dailogue box. Click “Settings” in this dialog and enable “Allow from this source”


5. Now click the back button and “Sly Streams SMv3” installation dialogue will open. Click “Install” button


6. After installation a new dialogue box shows.

Click “ OPEN” to open the app instantly. If you want to start the app later then click on "DONE" and open the app from your app launcher later.


Having trouble logging in then please follow our troubleshooting guide. Also please check you are entering your details correctly as it is case sensitive!