Amazon Firestick & Fire TV Devices.

Please make sure you read all information and watch the setup videos provided on this page  Especially using VLC Player!

If you have problems with one setup then please try the other.

Please note 4K movies will only play on 4K devices and that VLC player is the only player with the settings and features that you need to use this service.

This setup video will take you through step by step,

how to install SlyQ by sending it from you android phone or tablet to the Fire-stick or FireTV or your home network.

The link is case sensitive!

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Installing and using

VLC Player

It is essential you install and us VLC Player, you most watch this video to learn how to select your preferred language or subtitles and correct any sync issues

Method 2 - Downloader App Method

This setup video will take you through step by step,

how to install SlyQ by using the downloader app.

The link you will need to type in is

How do I resize the screen

on my 1st Gen Firestick?

If you find that you need to adjust the screen size on you Fire device please follow the instructional video here.

Resizing screen on 2nd Generation

Firestick ONLY.

If you have found this article because your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick is zoomed in and you’re looking for a solution, simply hold down the BACK and FAST-FORWARD button on your remote to turn off the new screen magnifier option. Note that the BACK button is not the same as the REWIND button. The BACK button is the one to the left of the HOME button.