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Terms & Conditions


I understand this is a non-refundable service under any circumstances.

and understand this service could temporarily or permanently go down at any point.

If you choose to purchase the service 

without taking a FREE TRIAL  and the service does not work well for you, this is your responsibility, and no refunds can be given!

A 1 Month trial comes at the cost of £7.50 and is only available to purchase from Friday to Sunday, you can only have one month at this price. If the Trial does not work well, we are not liable for this it is your responsibility, and NO REFUNDS CAN BE GIVEN!

I understand that a use of a VPN is required whilst any football matches/cup games are on, and we do not provide VPNs. The VPN is the customers responsibility not ours!!

I understand Sly Streams does not guarantee any set content and content may be removed if no longer available at any time with no prior notice.

I understand I do not need a Stripe account to pay by card via Stripe.

I agree to not inform Stripe under any circumstances the nature of this item.

To do so would likely result in everybody losing their service.


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