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News & Updates

This page is a place you can see any news or updates about the server status, app and firmware issues, setup changes, blocks, reboots, or any problems in general, and what to do about them.

If you can't find the info on this page, in the setup pages, or troubleshooting pages then I don't know the answer. Please reserve emailing for renewals, checking expire dates, or lost passwords. I will not be able to provide info that isn't already on this website.

Current info you need to know
Some channels are now available via the new SlyQ v2 and SlyQ2 v2 apps. Although they look the same they have had a lot of reprogramming done to them work without Xtream Codes. This would require you to download the new version to get up and running again. We are working hard to find more content and refreshing regularly will allow you to see new content as it added. This is for customers on our server, who's username is their email address. For Streamkings customers see the post below. Please note this is still a work in progress and far from finished. Unfortunately we are also unable to answer emails regarding this at present. We must concentrate our time on getting the service rebuilt for all. You must check here for all available info as we have it. 
Please type the link in to Downloader app, or any web browser to download
SlyQ v53 Original version, stable on all devices, no VOD.
SlyQ2 v2 records but unstable on some devices
We also have a replacement for the Slystreamsv9 App
this works on Amazon, Formuler and Nvidia
The New Server is Here!
You lucky people.

The new server has now been lurched. Although we did not plan to lurch so early, 
due to the current supplier trying to blackmail use for another 3000 on top of the 3000 we already paid them,
it is ready to use. We still have a lot to add yet, but it already has 5700 channels, full UK and US EPG (more countries EPG will be added),
2940 movies, 206 series (Aim for 500), 56 catch-up (Aiming of 200). We have a lot more already loaded on the server database it will just take time to add them to the service.


There are a lot of benefits, to us all, in having our own server like....


We can now offer you reseller and master reseller panels.
We can add content at your request.
We can repair any issues you find with channels etc. We was never able to control this before and our requests would fall on deaf ears.
The new server welcomes your help and input about the content and will use this to improve the service for all.

So what do I need to do now, I hear you cry?

Don't worry everything has been took care of for you. All you need to do is simply refresh your channels, bouquets, or portals and the new channels will appear.
If you are using SlyQ you will now need to uninstall it and reinstall the SlyQ version with this link. Guide on the website, if you need it.

If you have a username that's your email address and want to check this new app out you can. 
(This will not work for Streamkings customers that have a normal username)

Make sure you know your login details. They will be in the device already, in your emails (Just use the search and type IPTV) or ideally you kept a note of them.
Please refrain from requesting them unless a last resort. There just simple isn't the resources to be re-issing thousands of logon details.

Please understand this will only effect new customers and customers who's sub has an email as the username.

Know what server you are on!

If your username is not a email and is a username of your choice, you are a Streamkings customers, THIS DOES NOT EFFECT YOU and your service is working and will continue as normal.
If you happen to be having issues with your service then it is down to your box. Please use 
the setup, troubleshooting or email address for help, as usual. If you wish to use the new service you are welcome to purchase a subscription on this website.

The old exhosting portal will no longer work. You will need to logout and back in with the new portal, or for zgemma delete bouquets and playlist and rebuild.
Everybody was emailed this info 2 weeks ago, so please check your spam folder. I can not post this info here for security reasons. If you really cant find it then please email me.
The server owners will be changing the URL portal in the next few days.
This will effect all devices. Please make the adjustments below before the channels go off. The new URL can be found in our email to you titled 
**John Doe IPTV setup changes**
We can no longer post this info on the website for security reasons.
For anyone using an app like Smarters Pro etc 
Log out  or create a new profile (Depending what app you have) in the top right hand corner. Then log back in with the same username and password and the new URL portal from the email.
If you version of Smarters Pro has this page make sure you select 
"Login with Xtream Codes API"
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