How to order a Subscription

**You must read this before placing an order**

1 Month IPTV  is charged at £14.95
3 Month IPTV  is charged at £29.95

6 Month IPTV  is charged at £39.95
12 Month IPTV  is charged at £54.95

1 Month Dual Room is charged at £22.95
3 Month Dual Room is charged at £44

6 Month Dual Room is charged at £59.95

12 Month Dual Room is charged at £84.95


1 Month Triple Room is charged at £29.95
3 Month Triple Room is charged at £59.95
6 Month Triple Room is charged at £79.95
12 Month Triple Room is charged at £109.95



Please read the terms & conditions here before placing an order. By placing an order you are agreeing to these terms.

If you are in the UK and wish to use this during Premier League times we would advise using a VPN as you will likely need it,

ExpressVPN offer a free 30 day trial.


Enter your name. Tip: Try to keep this the same as the email so we can find you again in future.

Email Address/ username*

Enter your email address for the username.

Email Address to invoice*

Enter your email address you would like the Paypal invoice sent.

What device do you have?*

Tell me what device you have so I can send the right setup. Example: Amazon Firestick or Android.

What you like adult removed?*

Tell me if you would like adult removed. Tip: If you don't just leave it blank.

How many months & devices?*

How many months would you like to subscribe for, and on how many devices?


Official Reseller

SlyStreams is a Superior IPTV Provider with the Highest Quality streams in Premium FHD from around the World.

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